• High School Matters.

    That's why Mentoring Mission aims to help students attain their goals, grow academically, and foster a sense of social responsibility.

    Mentoring can have a lasting impact on a student's future life achievement, creates opportunity, and influences a new generation of leaders.

  • Our Mission

    Mentoring Mission ignites student potential and passion; students focus on acquiring and developing skills, as they further their education, prepare to enter the workforce, and pursue their chosen career path. Students participating in the Mentoring Mission will perform task analysis and preparation, plan and manage time commitments, persist in solving a problem through resolution, and plan and participate in works for the greater good.

    The Mentoring Mission supports the Harvard Business School and Gates Foundation’s Lasting Impact Study and US Competitiveness Research objectives for authentic partnerships between education and business to better prepare tomorrow’s workforce with scalable programs with proven results.

  • Leadership

    Organization leaders for 2017-18

    Caroline Lipski

    President & Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS

    As the President of Mentoring and Leadership, I have been able to further my passion for business through the study and collaboration with professionals and students on Harvard Business cases, as well as enrich my community through service and leadership. Fusing business and service in this way has fostered my social responsibility and personal awareness. Only through this club have I been able to leave a lasting impact on everyone around me, including my peers, community leaders, the freshmen class, and many more.

    Hubert Pach

    VP & Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS

    I became a mentor sophomore year, and the opportunity to help freshmen throughout their first years in a new place has made me feel sure that I have continued the spread of positivity that I felt in my own freshman year. By being in the Mentoring and Leadership Program, I have learned more about business, helping those in need, and most importantly, ways to give hope to all of humanity.

    Michael Barnas

    Treasurer & Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS

    Being a part of the mentoring program has helped me acquire and develop necessary skills as I prepare to go on to college. I have learned critical thinking and problem solving skills through working on Harvard business cases. I have also participated in works for the greater through service , and improved on communication skills by mentoring freshman.

    Alexandra Kidd

    Secretary & Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS

    Mentoring is by far the most unique program running at Ridgewood High School. This program opens doors to many opportunities for both mentors and students. Whether that be through participating in service projects or connecting with people from outside sources, this program will fully change your outlook from the moment you enter.

    I am thankful to be part of such a life changing program. It is definitely rewarding to be able to give freshman advice on their struggles and relate to them knowing you were once in their position. Mentoring has overall pushed me to reach my limits and created an unforgettable impact on my life.

    Emily Wolak

    Chief Happiness Officer, Project Happiness at Ridgewood High School

    What drew me into the mentoring program was my love for helping others. Mentoring is truly one of the most rewarding programs Ridgewood has to offer. It shapes you to become the best version of yourself and to acquire leadership experiences like no other. Beginning mentoring, I was offered countless community service opportunities as well as, numerous educational lessons. This year I was lucky enough to not only present the movie but also speak to the freshman about Project Happiness and what happiness really means. Thanks to the program I will forever live by knowing “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

  • Past Members

    Last year's leaders from Mentoring Mission share their stories

    Kevin Walczak

    President and Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS

    What brought me to mentoring my senior year was the opportunity to give back and help other people. I love meeting with all my mentoring friends and working for a common good. I cherish the fact that the freshmen I mentor will now have the necessary skill set to succeed throughout their high school years. Mentoring has taught me how to talk to others and be confident in my assertions. It has also fostered the critical reading skills needed in college through reading the Harvard Business Cases. Mentoring was truly the best chance I took to better myself while helping others simultaneously.

    Scott Harbut

    Co-President and Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS

    I have been a mentor since my sophomore of high school. What drew me to the program was the experience, knowledge, and reward gained. Some peer mentors have the privilege to work with community leaders, like our mayor. The freshmen are taught things from making goals to not procrastinating. In the process of teaching them, the peer mentors are also taught valuable

    lessons. The mentoring class is also a valuable aspect of my high school career. Reading Harvard Business School case studies, we are taught skills like critical thinking and analyzing.

    Razan Sulieman

    Secretary and Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS

    Mentoring has reminded me the meaning of helping others in the purest form. As a part of the Mentoring Mission, I have been able to participate in voluntary events that have opened up my eyes and allowed me to grow as an individual. I've been given a chance to work with a wonderful role model who continues to give me excellent advise and great courage. As a senior, it is refreshing to look back on my high school career and pull out authentic experiences that I know will help other people. There is a passion and a love for Ridgewood, it's values, and it's progress that I am able to practice and demonstrate in Mentoring that isn't possible in any other activity at Ridgewood.

    Michael Klimaszewski

    Finance and Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS

    As an incoming Senior in high school waiting to experience the last year of my childhood life, I joined the Mentoring program in order to both give back, and to gather a plethora of knowledge that would serve my future goals. Being able to mentor freshman students in the same manner I myself was mentored when I first entered the halls of Ridgewood is truly thought-provoking, in the sense that you realize that you are helping these students transition to the hectic high school world. Being able to connect with business executives and business professors from world-renowned academic institutions deeply expanded my knowledge of the practical skills and theories applied in the real business world.

    Zac Rzewnicki

    Director of Technology and Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS

    What drew me into the mentoring program my senior year, was the opportunity to point my peers in a direction where they are more likely to achieve their goals. The monthly meetings with the freshmen has helped me hone my leadership skills and learn new ways to communicate and connect with peers. Mrs. Barry is the head of mentoring and she has done a great job helping me get out of comfort zone and grow as an individual. The business aspect of the Mentoring/Leadership was huge push for me to join the program because as a future business major, it challenges me to think at a higher level and communicate with college students which prepares me for my future business classes. Overall, the greatest thing about the program is giving back to the community and helping others like I was helped.

    Bryan Alton

    VP of Service and Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS

    What drew me into the mentoring program Junior year, was the ability to help others, in a similar manner as to how

    I have been helped. The people I mentor, work to better me, as much as, or even more, than I feel I have benefitted them. Mentoring has allowed me to take on new experiences, some being initially out of my

    comfort zone, such as the flash mob. Working with the students at Dominican, and discussing each business case with business leaders, helped me be more confident in my thoughts and in my words. I treasure meeting with community leaders, and feel that each mentoring session with the freshmen, boosts my ability to be a good leader. This is what makes mentoring special, as it causes one to understand that they can truly make a

    difference in the world around them.

  • Testimonials

    The people that helped build Mentoring Mission

    Carol Valentino-Barry

    Program Leader

    Mentoring is scary – but ultimately life affirming. I never have the right words, I have no idea what your life is like and it’s presumptious of me to think that I have anything that is of use to you. But what I do know, is that connecting with others and sharing our humanity makes me feel alive. It’s the only thing that makes any difference. We use executive functioning skills at Ridgewood as a vehicle to talk across generations and to get our goals accomplished. If we can coach each other, cheer each other on and inspire each other, we can be a force of change.

    Charles Duncan

    Senior Vice President, United Airlines

    I really enjoyed learning with case studies at Harvard Business School. Rather than reading a text book and listening to boring lectures, each class each day covered a new company with a problem to be solved. Case studies are real world. The situations are complicated. There is more than one right answer. And the answers came from my classmates. Students learn how to think, listen to others, and how to communicate their ideas through the case method.

    Nicole Szorc

    President and Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS '16

    Mentoring is not like any other program at school. The program is open to everyone but the ones that commit to the program are the ones that are genuine leaders. They're the peers who actually push to make a difference in the world around them and that's the beauty of it. With mentoring, I was exposed to a whole new dimension of service projects and roles that pushed me to my limits but never ceased to expand my knowledge and create once in a life time experiences. Now it's your turn to join us and make a lasting impact.

    Fotini Anastopoulos

    Vice President and Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS '16

    Mentoring has opened up a whole world of different possibilities. I have been able to network with adults in the area that I would not have been able to communicate with in the first place. The relationship that I have established with my adult mentor is uncanny. I am grateful

    for the mentoring program for enabling me to find such an inspiring individual to work with. Together, we both help the freshmen at my school. Helping the freshmen with problems that I have experienced myself makes this process more rewarding.

    Kevin Moore

    Treasurer and Peer Mentor, Mentoring Mission at RHS '16

    I've always appreciated mentoring as an outlet in which I could translate my knowledge and experiences to others, enabling them to better themselves. As I progressed in the program however I came to realize the symbiotic nature of this kind of relationship. The people I "mentored" were ultimately teaching and bettering me just as much as I them, if not more so. I've learned that forming and fostering relationships is the essence of mentoring.

    Dylan Tabang

    Peer Mentor, '12-'15

    What drew me to mentoring when I joined in my sophomore year was the opportunity to work with community members to help make entering high school easier for a group of freshmen. Mentoring has helped me become a better communicator. Other opportunities from mentoring further sharpened my communication and leadership skills, like taking a case studies leadership class with United Vice President Charles Duncan and working at the airport over the summer as a United intern. In the end, mentoring has been full of learning experiences and fun times serving others.

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